Polls Show A Conservative Landslide In UK Snap Elections

The complexities of negotiating Brexit have not been easy for Prime Minister Theresa May and her Conservative-led government.  Every Party has its own idea of how a proper exit from the EU should be done – some still don’t even want to leave. Such disagreement over Brexit talks has left Westminster in political disarray.

Because of this, PM May has called for a special “snap” election to be held. The election is meant to give the winner a mandate to lead the United Kingdom during the rough road ahead that will be divorcing the EU.

The election will be held on June 8 and, if current polls keep pace, the Conservative Party is positioned for major gains.

The Conservatives currently hold a slim majority in The House of Commons – 330 of the 650 seats. After the shellacking they took in the 2015 elections, Labour Party now holds around 100 fewer seats than their Tory colleagues. Unfortunately for Labour, polls indicate them fairing even worse in the upcoming snap election. A recent ICM poll shows Conservatives boasting a 22-point lead over Labour.

Why are the Tories polling so much better than Labour? Most experts are pointing to the differences of their respective leaders: Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn.

During her announcement of the snap election, PM May pushed a theme of stability from her Conservative government. She used (and has continued to use on the campaign trail) the phrase “strong and stable leadership.” This message has clearly resonated with Britons as polls cite her as more fit to lead the UK during Brexit negotiations.

On the other hand, Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn is consistently viewed as incapable and unfit to lead the nation as prime minister. In fact, his own party is fractured over his leadership. The execution of this special election may not bode well for his party. Labour is currently polling at historic lows. Despite this, Corbyn swears he will score an upset victory by means of an insurgent campaign.

Besides Labour and Conservative, there are other parties in play. Nicola Sturgeon leads the Scottish National Party and Tim Farron heads the Liberal Democrats. Both are ready to rumble and believe this election to be an opportunity to make gains in the House of Commons.

Following the defeat for Scottish independence, the Scottish National Party arose from its ashes. The SNP made major gains in the 2015 elections – making them the third largest party behind the Tories and Labour. The Lib Dems, on the other hand, had their worst showing in years. They now only hold 9 seats. Unfortunately for SNP and Lib Dems, both parties don’t seem to be resonating with voters. One latest poll even shows the SNP losing up to 10 seats to the Conservatives.

Barring any major game changes, June 8 should be a very happy day for Prime Minister May.

Campaign Daily Rating: Safe Tory


Photo by U.S. Embassy London via: freeforcommercialuse.org





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